Liver cancer: Cause,Symptoms and Treatment


Liver cancer

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body which helps in blood purification & detoxification. Liver cancer occurs when the normal cells in the liver grow abnormally resulting in damage to other tissues in the organ.

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Liver cancer is also known as hepatic cancer. Cancer that affects the normal cells of the liver(Hepatocytes) is called Hepatocellular carcinoma whereas cancer that occurs in ducts is called cholangiocarcinoma.

Metastatic liver cancer is a condition in which cancer starts in the liver primarily then spreads to other organs later on. 

Liver cancer can also occur from other cancerous cells of the body through the bloodstream which is called Metastatic cancer. Some of the most common cancers that affect the liver are breast, colon, bladder, kidney, ovary, pancreas, stomach, uterus, and lungs.

Let's have a look at the stages in the liver cancer through which your healthcare provider will start treatment.

STAGE1: Tumor resides in the liver.

Liver cancer

STAGE2: Several small tumors start appearing 

STAGE3: Tumours become larger and reached a main, large blood vessel.

STAGE4: Cancer starts spreading to other parts of the body.

Cause & Risk factors

  • Cirrhosis (Scarring & damage of liver) 

  • Chronic infections with Hepatitis B & C

  • Inherited diseases like Hemochromatosis.

  • Family history of liver cancer

  • Long term exposure to Aflatoxins

  • Heavy alcohol consumption

  • Type 2 Diabetes & obesity


Liver cancer will not show any symptoms in the early stages until it gets severe.

Some of the most common symptoms are-

  • Jaundice, the most common symptom, where the skin and eyes become yellow.

  • High levels of cholesterol & calcium.

    Liver cancer symptoms

  • Abdominal pain along with swollen being under the skin.

  • pain near the right shoulder blade

  • weight loss

  • Enlarged liver/spleen, or both

  • fatigue

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • back pain

  • itching

  • fever

  • a full feeling after a small meal


In the early stage of liver cancer, tumors will be removed completely through surgery which increases the chances of recovery. Partial hepatectomy & Liver transplant surgery are recommended to treat liver cancer.

In the case of incurable tumors, where cancer has spread to other body parts & there are very fewer chances of survival rates then treatment will be done to slow down the cancer growth process. Ablative therapy, chemotherapy & radiation therapy are used in this scenario based on the type of cancer.


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