All you need to know about Delta Plus Variant

 As we all know COVID19 is an infectious disease caused due to the coronavirus. People across the entire world suffered & are still suffering from this pandemic. This virus has been constantly transforming to produce different strains which are spreading across the world In many countries. These mutated new strains are very much transmissible and becoming highly dangerous. One of the new strains which are worrying most of us is the " Delta plus variant".

 Every one of us ought to know what exactly is 'Delta plus', the new coronavirus mutant strain that made the entire world frightened of the likely third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to WHO it is considered as the fastest and fittest highly contagious delta variant that picks the most susceptible people, particularly from low vaccinated places.  

Delta plus is one of the new variants of the coronavirus formed due to a mutation in the Delta strain of the virus. It's first evident in India reported in a Health bulletin in the UK.

There's still no evidence on this new variant severity & resistance but some claim that it's resistant to monoclonal antibodies. Scientists believe that It's highly transmissible due to its acquired spike protein mutation which is very much similar to the beta variant found in South Africa. This Delta plus variant spreads faster than the other variants & very easily binds with lung cells. Moreover, it has high resistance to some of the COVID Drugs.

So far 200 cases have been found across 11 countries as of June 11th. India alone confirmed 40 cases of highly transmissible delta virus variants with the first death reported on June 25th. This variant is also found in the US, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, China, South Africa, and Russia.

Some of the symptoms which are identified are cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, skin rash, discoloration of fingers and toes, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach ache, nausea, and appetite loss. 


As per WHO " Vaccination and safety measures like wearing face masks, using sanitizers & maintaining social distancing are the only ways to fight against this Delta plus variant". 

We need to follow all these precautionary measures to prevent this Variant from spreading & to protect ourselves.

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