Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

 Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by a virus, bacteria & fungi. This infection affects the air sacs in the lungs which are called alveoli. They get filled with pus and fluids resulting in breathing difficulty. 

This infection occurs in any age group but older and Infants are at high risk due to a low immune system. People with other health issues, weak immune systems like HIV are also most prone to this infection. Proper care needs to be taken as per doctor advice for prevention. If not it can be a serious & life-threatening disease.


The cause of pneumonia can be bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. 

It's important to know the pneumonia cause to get treated with the right medication.


Bacterial infection occurs when you get affected by flu or viral cold. The most common bacterial pneumonia is Pneumococcal pneumonia.


Most viral pneumonia is not as dangerous as bacterial pneumonia. They generally affect the respiratory tract. The most common viral pneumonia is influence virus and Respiratory syncytial virus(RSV)occurs in adults & young children respectively.


The most serious fungal pneumonia is Pneumocystis pneumoniasis.

It occurs when the person is exposed to contaminated soil or bird droppings. It affects those with a weakened immune system like HIV & cancer patients or those who have undergone organ transplant surgery.


The most common signs and symptoms of pneumonia may include:

  • Cough, with greenish, yellow, or even bloody mucus

  • Fever & chills

  • Sweating & Shortness of breath or Rapid, shallow breathing.

  • Sharp pain in chest when you breathe deeply or cough.

  • Loss of appetite, low energy, and fatigue

  • Nausea and vomiting, especially in small children.



Treatment for pneumonia differs based on the cause. Your doctor will prescribe Antibiotics If it's bacterial pneumonia. But the antibiotics will not work on viral pneumonia. You need to take a rest, drink plenty of fluids & take medication given by your doctor. If the symptoms are severe your doctor will suggest you be hospitalized for proper treatment. Recovery will take time depending on the care & rest you take.

Remember that Pneumonia is contagious so take proper precautions to avoid spreading it to others. 

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